Introducing StopWar.ca

StopWar.ca is a broad-based peace coalition based in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, endorsed by over 160 organizations and prominent individuals. As a member of the Canadian Peace Alliance (CPA), we are part of a cross-Canada effort to oppose the foreign policy of the Harper government.

The coalition started out as the November 17th Peace Coalition, responding to international calls for days of action against the war, beginning November 17th, 2002.

StopWar advocates for an end to the war on Iraq, for Canadian troops to be brought home from Afghanistan, and for a Just Peace in the Middle East. StopWar opposes any attack against Iran by the United States or Israel. Our organizing work as includes education, mass mobilization and lobbying.

We are always looking for new activists and volunteers. General meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month, 5:30pm – currently at the cafeteria of the Vancouver Community College – Downtown Campus – 250 W Pender St.

Email: stopwar(AT)resist.ca
Postal Address:
c/o 1143 E Pender St.
Vancouver BC
V6A 1W6

Supporting StopWar

We need your help today in working for Justice and Peace:

  • Distribute posters and leaflets for upcoming events in your neighbourhood.
  • Invite a speaker from StopWar to your campus, union or church group. Topics that we can address include Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Haiti, Columbia, the new arms race, and much more.
  • Make a financial contribution to the anti-war movement. We’re an all-volunteer coalition, so every penny you donate goes to the costs of hosting forums, rallies and other events.

Points of Agreement

The following Points of Agreement to date were adopted with the understanding that the StopWar coalition will add to the list as circumstances require.

1. We are committed to building the broadest based Peace/Anti-War coalition possible in cooperation with the international Peace/Anti-War movement. In so doing we are committed to building a coalition that brings together representatives of organizations as well as committed individuals.

2. We oppose the use of war as a means of settling international disputes.

3. We are opposed to the U.S. led war on Iraq with or without UN Security Council support and we oppose the Canadian government’s support for the same.

4. We oppose the Israeli occupation of Palestinian and Arab lands. We are in favour of Peace and Justice in the Middle East, and in particular advocate the enforcement of the various UN resolutions intended to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

5. We are opposed to racism and profiling of immigrants and refugees and the erosion of democratic rights and civil liberties for all.

6. We support aboriginal rights and struggles.