In our present neo-Liberal  capitalist-empire consumption based society dialogue about anything other than the status quo is difficult and often unpopular. We are often reduced to binary thinking and speaking on every topic because there’s no space for exchange of ideas and challenging of assumptions. In the absence of a debate on the use and/or abuse of November 11 as a day of public remembrance, here are 3 different generational perspectives on Remembrance Day and red poppies, as well as a critique of Canadian government policy on the treatment of veterans. Share and discuss. Don’t be silent about what you care about.

90 year old Harry Leslie Smith – This year, I will wear a poppy for the last time from the Guardian

Robert Fisk – Poppycock – or why remembrance rituals make me see red from the Independent

Chrys Bisson, child of a member of the Canadian Forces – White Poppies For What Was Forgotten

What Fantino Wants Us to Do on Remembrance Day Is Forget from the Huffington Post