The People v. Tony Blair: Politics, the Media and the Anti-war Movement

with author Chris Nineham, Stop the War Coalition UK
Sunday, June 30, 5:30-7:30pm 
People’s Coop Bookstore, 1391 Commercial Drive
Free admission. 
Books will be available for sale and signing. 
About the Book:  
Some people dismiss mass protest. The People v. Tony Blair shows the huge demonstrations against the Iraq War in 2003 nearly brought down Blair and almost forced Britain out of the war. Based on interviews and insider accounts, it describes panic in Downing Street and despair in Whitehall. A controversial intervention into the debates about power, media and popular protest, The People v. Tony Blair argues that even a hostile media can be neutralized when a mass movement becomes powerful enough. More information on the book here: http://stopwar.org.uk/index.php/tony-blair-watch/2218-the-people-v-tony-blair-how-mass-murderers-get-away-with-their-war-crimes-and-how-to-stop-them

About the Author:
Chris Nineham is a founder member of the Stop the War Coalition, and currently a vice chair. He is author of ‘Capitalism and Class Consciousness: the ideas of Georg Lukacs’ and a regular contributor to Counterfire.orgImage
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