A vigil to mark 10 years of the war on Iraq as part of the US war on Terrorism. Lets remember lives lost on all sides and civil liberties lost as result of the War on Terrorism.

Tuesday, March 19, 6pm, Meet at Victory Square (Cambie and Hastings St)Image

Organized by Siraat

Followed by a join walk by Siraat and Stop War.ca to the First United Church event organized by StopWar.ca

Ten years on: Remembering the Iraq War, celebrating those who resisted

Tuesday, March 19 7pm
First United Church
320 E. Hastings (at Gore Street).

With speakers including:

Rodney Watson Jr., Iraq War resister in sanctuary

Ten years on: Join us in a gathering to remember the Iraq War and to celebrate those who resisted it. In the months leading up to March 19, 2003, there were massive protests across Canada and around the world against war — February 15, 2003 still stands as the largest coordinated protest in human history. But the war went ahead, taking a devastating toll on the people of Iraq, with hundreds of thousands killed and millions displaced.

Many of those who resisted the war also paid a heavy price. This includes U.S. war resisters who came to Canada to avoid fighting and killing in an immoral war. Rodney Watson Jr. is one of these war resisters. For over 3 years, he has been staying in sanctuary at First United Church to avoid deportation to the United States, where he would face persecution for his refusal to fight in the war. The Conservative government, led by Stephen Harper who ten years ago supported the U.S. war, has refused to grant asylum to war resisters seeking to come to Canada as refugees.https://www.facebook.com/pages/War-Resister-in-Sanctuary/192332906881

Admission Free. Donations are welcome.

Organized by StopWar.ca