Justice for Indigenous Peoples

Solidarity with Idle No More Movement

December 20, 2012

The Canadian Peace Alliance, Canada’s largest peace network stands in solidarity with the Idle No More movement and encourages all our member groups and supporters to participate in ongoing actions and protests.


We honour Chief Theresa Spence and her actions to demand the rights of Indigenous Peoples. Her courage and dignity as she is present on Victoria Island is in stark contrast to the arrogant and racist actions of the Harper Government.

The CPA rejects agendas of successive Canadian governments which have abused, ignored or steamrolled over indigenous rights. This history of abuse and conquest is the same being against first peoples the world over. It is done in the name of war, of money and of commerce.

This Harper government is seeking to spend half a trillion dollars on militarism and war as articulated in the Canada First Defence Strategy while at the same time perpetuating the lie that there is no money for things like great lakes protection, or proper support for Indigenous communities.

Harper’s military agenda was outlined in the Canadian Forces Counter-Insurgency Manual’s targeting of Indigenous peoples as military adversaries. An early draft of the manual cited “ambush, deception and killing” as potential tactics that may be used against “insurgents” including Indigenous peoples in Canada. While this was removed after public outcry, that it was included at all in the earlier draft speaks volumes about this government’s view of Indigenous peoples.

Fundamentally, the CPA supports the right to self-determination for all peoples whether in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine or anywhere they are fighting against occupation.

Indigenous people in the Middle East, Central Asia and here at home have seen the real face of the federal government’s disdain for human rights and basic human decency – the road to Kandahar passed through Gustafsen Lake, Ipperwash, and Oka.

The Harper government shamefully obstructed the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and even though the government has finally adopted it, still refuses to abide by the central principle of free, prior, and informed consent.

Specifically, the CPA calls on the federal and provincial governments to uphold Indigenous people’s rights to say no to “development” on their traditional lands.

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