Organized and promoted by the Canada Palestine Associationhttp://www.cpavancouver.org/and the Boycott Israeli Apartheid Campaignhttp://www.boycottisraeliapartheid.org/

Vancouver Art Gallery North Fountain, Vancouver
Dec. 8, 2012, 1:30pm

Each person will have a placard with the name of a Palestinian killed in the recent Israeli attacks. We will begin by lining Georgia St. and then move towards Granville St., proceeding one person at a time as the name of the Palestinian killed is read out.

We insist that each Palestinian and their families, who were robbed of the lives of their loved ones, deserve to be recognized, not just politically, but as individual humans. Their deaths are not in vain. The occupation will end and justice will be won but only with broad support for the Palestinian resistance. More details are available at the Boycott Israel Apartheid Campaign website.

If you can, let us know in advance if you are coming by contacting boycottapartheid@gmail.com or phone 604-254-1803