ImageJournalist and co-author Jamie Swift in Vancouver to shed light on campaign to change Canada.

VANCOUVER – There is a campaign underway by the Harper government, along with select historians and writers, to change Canada’s definition of itself into a “Warrior Nation.” So says Jamie Swift, co-author (along with Ian McKay) of Warrior Nation: Rebranding Canada in an Age of Anxiety (Between the Lines Books). Swift will be speaking in Vancouver about war, peacekeeping and Canadian history on Thursday November 22, at 7:00pm at the W2 Media Café, 111 West Hastings Street. This event is free and open to the public.
“It’s all about how wars are remembered, not whether we remember them,” co-author Jamie Swift observed. “ Warrior Nation describes the way that government attempts to manipulate and indeed mould public opinion to suit its own agenda.”
Jamie Swift is a winner of the Michener Fellowship for Public Service Journalism. He has authored numerous books, from biography and history to corporate muckraking including Persistent Poverty: Voices From the Margins , co-authored with Brice Balmer and Mira Dineen.
Jamie Swift is available for interview.
This event is co-sponsored by rabble.ca and the Vancouver StopWar Coalition.
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