Commemorate 10 years of the war in Afghanistan
Thursday, October 6, 5:00pm – 7:00pm
At the corner of Georgia & Hamilton (in front of the main CBC Building)
With Solidarity Notes Labour Choir
On October 7, 2001, the US-led bombing of Afghanistan began. Ten years
later, the disastrous NATO war and occupation continues, taking a heavy
toll in human life. Contrary to some media coverage, Canada’s role in the
occupation of Afghanistan *is not over*, with approximately 1,000 military
personnel still stationed in the country.
So we will gather on this 10th anniversary of the war to remember all the
victims and to renew our call for an end to the war, and for a real and
complete end to Canadian involvement in the occupation of Afghanistan.
Our event will take place on Oct. 6 in Vancouver, which is early morning
Oct. 7 in Afghanistan, the day of the first bombings in 2001.
Organized by StopWarCa Coalition. Info stopwar@resist.ca
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