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No More Fear
La Khaoufa Baada al’Yaoum

[NOMOR] (Feature)
Special Presentations

(Tunisia, 2011, 74 mins, Digibeta)

In Arab (Tunisien) with English subtitles

North American Premiere

Directed By: Mourad Ben Cheikh

PROD: Habib Attia
SCR: Mourad Ben Cheikh
CAM: Hatem Nechi, Mehdi Bouhlal, Lassaad Hajji
ED: Pascale Chavance, Imen Abdelberi
MUS: Kais Sellami, Alia Sellami

It is fitting to remember that what we have come to know as the Arab Spring began on a street in the Tunisian city of Sidi Bouazid, when 26-year-old street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi–humiliated by an encounter with a local police officer–set himself on fire in protest. From that act sprang forth a wave of protest that altered Tunisia, the Arab world and the world overall, forever. Documentarian Mourad Ben Cheikh was there to capture the mounting protests that erupted after Bouazizi’s death, and he followed the uprising as it grew into a genuine revolution–a revolution that changed everything. This is his chronicle.

“As the first feature-length documentary about the Tunisian revolution, Mourad Ben Cheikh’s No More Fear is exactly what one would expect: passionate, raw, and immediate… Fear brings together news footage of the demonstrations with a variety of players in the revolution, providing a diverse picture of the groundswell that rose up to topple the dictatorial regime… Ben Cheikh largely focuses on the educated middle class, though occasional interviews with people on the street make clear the cross-class alliances that brought down authoritarian President Ben Ali after 23 increasingly repressive years. Everyone agrees it was a revolution spearheaded by the young, who overcame the population’s long-ingrained fear and rallied the nation via social network websites like Facebook, YouTube and blogs. [This is a] collage of intelligent, celebratory responses.”–Jay Weissberg, Variety


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