Monday, September 26 ·5:30 pm

Outside the ‘Vancouver Club’ at 915 W. Hastings

The misnamed ‘Bon Mot Book Club’ in Vancouver is hosting war criminal and unrepentant torture and war advocate Dick Cheney at the Vancouver Club on Sept. 26.

Under international and Canadian law, Cheney should be banned from entering the country or arrested upon arrival. It is outrageous that the Harper government, which has on a number of occasions banned anti-war speakers and other social justice activists from entering Canada, would allow this war criminal to enter Canada to promote his new book.

 Join us in giving Cheney the welcome he deserves.

Help us spread the word on social media. The facebook page for the event is here: http://tinyurl.com/3qffyey

Lawyers Against War has called for Cheney to be banned from Canada or arrested upon entry: http://www.straight.com/article-450786/vancouver/lawyer-seeks-cheney-arrest

Cheney Book Event info here: http://events.linkedin.com/Conversation-Vice-President-Dick-Cheney/pub/768255

Organized by the StopWar Coalition.