Monday, July 04 · Noon – 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Greek Consulate

688 W. Hastings – Vancouver

The blockade of the Freedom Flotilla II continues – Protest in front of Greek Consulate

We continue our resolve to break the blockade of the flotilla and Gaza non-violently!


The “Tahrir” is still blocked by Greek authorities from leaving port although all papers are in order. You can see the action on the ground here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylEiPA0B2oQ

The delegates from the U.S. boat have now started an open-ended fast at U.S. Embassy in Athens.

A march in support of the flotilla has been organized by Greek activists who have been protesting the government’s austerity measures in Syntagma Square. The march will include a demand on the Greek government to let all of the boats in the Freedom Flotilla 2 sail to Gaza and to free the captain of the U.S. ship, who has been held in jail.

This all suggests that the flotilla continues under a blockade and that we must continue and strengthen our actions.

Our message to the Greek government:

– The Greek government needs to know that world public opinion does not want them to succumb to Israel’s coercion. Tell the Greek government they must let the Tahrir go on our mission to break the illegal blockade of Gaza. They have a responsibility to allow this, in both domestic and international law.

· We will work to end the blockade no matter where it is enforced – be it in Gaza, in International waters or in Greece.

· The “Tahrir” and the whole of the Freedom Flotilla 2 is already making a difference in weakening the Blockade. We shall continue to break the blockade totally.

· We have broadened support for the Flotilla globally. Greek civil society, even with all the challenges they are facing have committed to supporting the Flotilla and holding the Greek government accountable for their actions.

· We shall continue educating and bringing people to action and knowledge about the illegal actions of Israel. We expect the Greek government to do the same.

· We shall continue bringing loudly to the world the truth of the experience and realities of the people of Gaza and Palestine. We expect the Greek government to do the same.

· We demand that the Greek Government let all our boats sail to Gaza.

· We will demand that the Canadian government and all other governments stand on the side of human rights and international law by putting pressure on the Greek government.

· We expect the Greek authorities to “STAY HUMAN”, as the name of our flotilla calls for.

Further contact info for the Greek Embassy (you can phone in):

Greek Embassy, OTTAWA http://www.greekembassy.ca/

76- 80 Maclaren Street

Ottawa, ON

Canada K2P OK6

Tel: (613) 238-6271(3)            Fax: (613) 238-5676          Press Office: (613) 232-6796

Email: embassy@.greekembassy.ca