Sunday, May 15 · 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Vancouver Public Library

350 West Georgia Street

On May 15, 1948 David Ben Gurion proclaimed the establishment of the state of Israel. This is day for the Palestinian people is know as the Nakba and every year since then, they’ve been commemorating it hoping that they would return to their homelands one day.

The Palestinian were forcibly expelled from over 500 Palestinian villages in a vicious and ugly process of ethnic cleansing. Massacres were committed, houses and field were burned and water wells were poisoned.

In Vancouver, we will commemorate this day and we will reaffirm the Palestinian right to return to Palestine UNCONDITIONALLY!!

Join the Palestinian community on May 15,  at the Vancouver Public Library at 1:00 PM to remember the victims of the Zionist aggression against the Palestinian people.

This rally is for all the Arabs who are revolting against their dictatorships. Please bring as many flags as possible .. Libyan, Bahraini, Syrian, Yemeni, Iraqi … and all the other Arabs countries.

Endorsed by:

 Afghans for Peace

Boycott Israeli Apartheid Campaign (BIAC) – Vancouver

Canada Palestine Association (CPA) – Vancouver

Canadian Boat to Gaza (CBG) – Vancouver

Jews for Just Peace (JJP) – Vancouver

Palestine Speaks – Vancouver

Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) – UBC


For endorsements and questions send an email to vancouver.may15@gmail.com